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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Peanut Butter Cups

These were absolutely delicious, and easy to put together! But if you can't temper chocolate.... don't try this!

Make sure you have either a muffin tray or a mini cupcake tray (I used a mini cupcake tray)
You will also need either muffin liners or mini cupcake liners depending on what tray you're using.
Recipe will make about 20 mini peanut butter cups, or 8-10 muffin sized cups

You will need:

Two cups of well chopped Dark Chocolate for tempering

Peanut butter filling:
1 cup of peanut butter - smooth
1 cup of soft icing sugar
2 teaspoons of maple syrup
3 tablespoons of almond milk


line trays with liners and set aside
temper a third of the chocolate in a glass bowl over boiling water, keep stirring until smooth.
place a small amount of chocolate into the bottom of each liner (just enough to cover the bottom)
gently tap the tray against the kitchen bench a few times to release any bubbles.
Place muffin/cupcake tray in the fridge to set

Cream peanut butter filling ingredients and form into balls just big enough to fit in your liner (with enough of a gap to fill up with chocolate on the sides)
slightly flatten each ball and place in the center of the cupcake liner, then place back in the fridge

temper remaining chocolate and pour into each liner until chocolate reaches the top of the liner
place back into the fridge to completely set

done. Enjoy!

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