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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Vegan MOFO - Day 8: Tempeh BBQ ribs/steak

Apart from marinading, this is actually quite a quick protein to cook. would go great served alongside some salad, or even sliced differently and cooked on skewers as a kebab. I'm not a huge fan of tempeh, but this did win me over. You could also use other marinades apart from BBQ.

You will need:
BBQ sauce, enough to cover tempeh (I used premade, but you can make your own)
a container which fits the tempeh in it snugly. (Too big and you're wasting BBQ sauce)

Slice tempeh into slabs which are no more than 1cm fat. The thinner they are, the more marinated they will become. You can cut them into whatever shape you like after this, but I stuck with uniform pieces.
Place a small layer of BBQ sauce in the container, and then layer in your tempeh (BBQ sauce, tempeh, BBQ sauce, tempeh etc) until you are out of both.

Place in fridge to marinate overnight (the longer the better)

When ready to cook take out of container, and cook on hot grill until the bbq sauce starts to caramelize.



  1. Oh I am making these. I'd only tried this jarred stuff before (it was in brine and totally gack) so I was put off trying it agin but after hearing so many trusty vegans rave about it's awesomeness I felt obliged to give it another go and I managed to score some packet stuff.
    Thanks for this.

  2. Yeah the first time I ever tried tempeh was after some vegans I knew raved about how good it was.
    It made me want to vomit!
    This stuff still takes some getting used to, although my omni partner, Mr. Monster wanted seconds and thirds of this, so it can't be too bad :)