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Monday, April 4, 2011

Not so meaty animal-lovers pizza

Last nights dinner was pizza, and Mr. Monster wanted something different on his, so I put together a faux-meat-lovers pizza, it turned out pretty damn good if I don't say so myself!
I reckon I could fool a meat-eater :P

So the base is just pita pocket bread based with BBQ sauce and some herbs, and ontop we have: Onion, Mushrooms, Capsicum, nut-meatballs (sorry guys, there's going to be a few nutmeat recipes until I get through the whole tin!) and a sourcream/aioli I made.

Nut-meatballs were just made using the recipe on the side of the Sanitarium nutmeat tin, and shaped into small meatballs and shallow fried.


1/2 cup of firm tofu (silken firm would be fine too)
teaspoon of apple cider vinegar
teaspoon of minced garlic
teaspoon of agave nectar (or any sweetner)
teaspoon of lemon juice
mixed herbs, salt and pepper for seasoning.

Blend the above ingredients into a sauce-like paste, if you want it to be a little more watery add a teaspoon of oil, if you require it to be more runny, I'd suggest some soy milk.

compile the pizza - drizzle with sourcream/aioli (and some more bbq sauce) and bake in the oven

wha la! (Mr. Monster and I's pizza/movie night treats!)

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